Transmission Repairs & Replacements in Leander, TX

Whether you have been driving vehicles with automatic transmissions all of your life or prefer having the power to change gears in a manual transmission, your driving ability hinges on the transmission’s performance in your vehicle. Many people are unaware of exactly how the transmission works. Still, the primary thing to remember is that it is responsible for sending the engine’s power to the wheels in a manner that enables you to drive safely.

Your vehicle’s engine creates significant power at a very high rotational speed. The rotational speed must be controlled for this power to be sent to the wheels. This is where the various internal parts of the transmission come into play, especially the torque converter. Because of this critically important job, the transmission is one of the most expensive jobs in auto repair when it comes to transmission repairs, having the transmission replaced, or getting your transmission rebuilt.

At AEW Automotive Service and Repair in Leander, TX, our transmission repair team is here to help you determine if a transmission problem needs to be fixed and what the best course of action will be.

Transmission repairs are some of the most expensive auto repair jobs, so we will be upfront with our pricing and options for a rebuilt transmission or investing in remanufactured rather than new ones.

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Signs You May Need Manual or Automatic Transmission Repair or Replacement

Transmissions are responsible for most of your vehicle’s work, which is why they are prone to becoming damaged or worn out over time. As the vehicle owner, you must be aware of common signs that you may need minor transmission repair work before it costs you several thousand dollars for major repairs or a complete replacement.

Here are some signs to look for in an aging transmission:

  • Slipping gears while driving

    • Popping into neutral unexpectedly

  • Grinding, humming, or clunking noises

  • The smell of burning transmission fluid

  • Grinding or dragging clutch

  • Issues when changing gears rather than smooth transitions

  • Delays in gear changes

  • Higher than normal RPMs for certain loads or a given speed

Transmission issues can be a major headache, so taking care of them as soon as possible is essential. Take your car into our Leander shop for quality work on all types of transmissions!

Maintenance Is Key to Avoiding a Full Transmission Replacement and Repairs

As with any other mechanical part of your car, maintenance is key to avoiding the need for repair or replacement service. Transmissions can be costly, so it is important to perform the necessary maintenance to prevent repairs, rebuilding, or replacements.

The two most straightforward maintenance services that should be done according to the vehicle’s user manual and manufacturer’s recommendation are fluid change and fluid flush. A transmission fluid flush is usually recommended every 30,000-50,000 miles, but it is vital to refer to your car’s manual for the exact mileage.

Benefits of Our Leander, TX, Transmission Services

At AEW Automotive Service and Repair, our expert mechanic team treats every customer like one of our family. We genuinely believe in providing the best possible services with a commitment to reliability, honesty, and a complete guarantee. Our team can handle gas, hybrid, and diesel vehicles, so you can rest assured that we can effectively service and repair your car.

The mechanics and our owner have more than 40 years of combined service in repairing luxury vehicles and foreign cars. Each team member has a passion for the automotive industry, which transfers to how we treat our customers. You can bring your vehicle to AEW Automotive Service and Repair and get peace of mind knowing that you are getting exceptional service at a competitive price.

Contact Us for Information on Transmission Rebuild and Repairs

When it comes to transmission repair and replacement, we are the best in the business! If you are having trouble with your automatic or manual transmission, do not hesitate. Bring your vehicle into AEW Automotive Service and Repair today to have your transmission diagnosed and repaired by our professional Leander, TX, mechanics. Contact us at (512) 886-8991 to schedule service.