Leading Auto Belt and Hose Replacement in Leander, TX

What happens when you turn the key in your car? A complicated system of belts and hoses works together to ensure the engine runs efficiently, from spinning your wheels to the cooling system that prevents your car from blowing up.

We inspect your engine at AEW Automotive Service and Repair to ensure all the components are working well. Trust a team with years of experience to find all the leaking oils or any loose or damaged belt before your engine grinds to a halt. Not sure where to begin? Reach out to our highly-qualified mechanic today!

Belt and Hose Replacement in Leander, TX

Why Should You Get Belts and Hose Replacement?

Below are four compelling reasons to replace your old or damaged belts and hoses.

Better Gas Mileage

Changing your timing belt allows your car engine to efficiently transfer power to the wheels. When you drive, you’ll get more power and better acceleration. The serpentine belts also drive the AC, steering pump, water pump, and other components that make your engine run smoothly. A smooth engine saves on gas.

Healthy Engine

Your car’s drive belts and hoses need to be replaced to improve engine cooling and life. Repairing engine damage or engine replacement is more expensive than regular service intervals.

Driver and Passenger Comfort

Your car’s AC is affected by the serpentine belt. Your car’s power steering also depends on properly working belts and hoses. Don’t be at the mercy of the hot and cold Texas seasons with a broken AC.

Enhanced Safety

When you drive a car, your safety is important to yourself and other drivers on the road. That’s why you need to fix all fluid leakage – especially the brake lines. Ensure your safety and have your belts and hoses inspected in our store today!

Comprehensive Hose and Belt Replacement in Leander, TX

At AEW Automotive Service and Repair, we give your vehicle a new lease of life with a comprehensive replacement of the vehicle’s belts and hoses. We specialize in timing belt replacement, adjustment of a loose belt, repair of power steering pump, serpentine belt replacement, brake fluid change, oil change, and other issues that might come up during inspection.

With years of combined experience, we know the first sign to look for when replacing your belts and hoses.

We conduct a visual inspection to identify any leaky hose, leaking fluid, cracks on hoses, or coolant leak – we pay special attention to your radiator hoses to prevent overheating. Every part replaced is the best quality.

Our team can easily identify a worn-out serpentine belt if it makes noises or is visually worn. We also make a point of inspecting the power steering pump and alternator as we change the belts. Our 120-point inspection leaves nothing to chance.

If you have a timing belt rather than a chain, we replace it before it wears out to keep your crankshaft and camshaft in perfect sync – timing chains rarely wear out. A failed timing belt will destroy your vehicle’s pistons – they are expensive to repair.

During routine maintenance, our team checks your tires and tire size, brakes, belt, and hoses and makes a point to replace them with the correct parts. We use the vehicle’s owner’s manual to get the right amount for your car during every service.

In addition, our team uses high-quality oil to prevent friction from all the moving parts in your engine systems – we use the right specification for your vehicle model.

Need Belt and Hose Replacement in Leander, TX? Contact our mechanics today!

If your timing belt or radiator hose fails, the time might be up to replace them. Not fixing your faulty stockings or belts can lead to more problems. AEW Automotive Service and Repair has competent mechanics with years of experience. We understand car belt and hose issues can how to fix them. We can help you install a new timing and replace the hoses in your car’s radiator—we back all our repair services and part replacement with a labor and parts warranty. Call (512) 886-8991 today to book an appointment with our mechanics.