Quality Suspension and Steering Repairs in Leander, TX

Your steering wheel and suspension help keep your vehicle on the right path of the road while also ensuring you’re in control of your automobile. At AEW Automotive Service and Repair, we have experienced professionals for repairing steering and suspension systems.

We will help ensure your safety on the road by repairing these systems to keep them up with anything the road may bring. The suspension system enables the vehicles to have a smooth ride even when the road is bumpy by converting forward energy into vertical energy that moves the vehicle’s frame upward.

The suspension components such as shock absorbers, linkages, and springs are arranged systematically to help attach the wheels and car’s frame. These components easily dampen the impacts of the road force.

Coil spring and shock absorber on the service shop change and remove old part car maintenance concept

Benefits Of Our Power Steering And Suspension Services

Steering And Suspension

Quality services in repairing steering and suspension systems will enable you to avoid handling problems such as pulling in one side, loose cornering, and bumpy rides. We will inspect the entire suspension or power steering system and make necessary repairs. We also repair electric power steering and their related components.

Replace Or Top Off The Power Steering Fluid And Belt

We will top off or change the fluid in your vehicle’s hydraulic power steering system and check whether the belt needs tightening. The power steering pump may not work well if insufficient fluid is in the power steering fluid reservoir. Also, this will help lengthen the lifespan of the suspension system and its components. We can also check whether you have a contaminated power steering fluid and replace it if necessary.


We will replace worn-out shocks, which will significantly improve the vehicle’s handling, ride comfort, and general performance.

Front axle with suspension and absorber.


We will inspect your vehicle’s strut and its hardware. We will repair any strut issue to ensure your car stops bouncing or bottoming out.

Ball Joints Repair

When your vehicle has a ball joint failure, you will hear front-end sounds and strange noises. The function of a ball joint is to connect your car’s suspension and wheel, so it can be hazardous if you have an issue with them.

The Rods

Quality repairs of your rods will prevent your vehicle from “wandering” on the highway, inconsistent steering, and avoid extensive tire wear.

Features Of Our Suspension And Steering Services In Leander, TX

Quality Evaluation And Diagnosis

We take the initial evaluation and diagnosis process very seriously, especially when suspension and steering. Because of the numerous available components, we will conduct a thorough check to determine which of your vehicle’s steering or suspension components has a problem.

We Choose The Best Option For Replacement Or Repairs

Our experts will provide you with brilliant repair or replacement options and recommend the best. We will ensure the option that we will choose for your car’s suspension or power steering services will make it stronger and more durable.

Close up wrench in hand a man adjust and lock bolt in car body in service concept of Suspension system

Comprehensive Services

We are experts in handling all the services that involve suspension and power steering systems. We can disassemble all parts of the suspension and the power steering reservoir for problems and replace or repair them without any difficulty.

Affordable Services

We don’t charge exaggerated fees for repairing or replacing any component of the vehicle’s steering system or suspension service. We will also not perform any repair job without asking for your permission.

What Makes Our Services Unique

We have the special and latest equipment in the industry to provide quality steering and suspension services in Leander, TX. All our mechanics or experts are highly trained and have undergone a thorough background check. We offer quality and honest services to ensure your satisfaction as our client.

Our services are highly dependable; we ensure your vehicle has been fully repaired before leaving our auto shop. After repair, we will conduct more tests to ensure no problems associated with faulty steering or suspension, such as bounces, difficulty in steering, and more.   

Why Choose Our Suspension And Power Steering System Services In Leander, TX

Our professional auto repair experts at AEW Automotive Service and Repair are highly experienced in performing quality power steering or suspension services. We have the best mechanics in Leander, TX, who are friendly, reliable, and ready to listen to your car issues, conduct diagnostic tests, and offer exceptional services.

Contact our skilled technicians for all your suspension and steering service needs. We are committed to repairing your vehicle’s components so that it can be safely driven on the road and last for years. Call us at (512) 886-8991 for quality automotive service and repairs.