Oil Change in Leander, TX

Oil is essential to your car’s engine, keeping parts moving and protecting the engine. However, dirt, combustion byproducts, and even water can contaminate the engine’s oil and make it less efficient in lubricating parts and regulating combustion temperatures. Carmakers and auto repair shops always advise car owners to perform a regular oil change.

Prioritizing oil change as part of car maintenance can prevent your vehicle from breaking down and ensure your vehicle performs at a high level. Clean engine oil ultimately promotes your engine’s health and maintains its function. You will also enjoy better fuel economy as the engine will burn fuel more appropriately.

Don’t wait for the oil change light to start flickering or the engine performance to dip before taking action. Bring your car to AEW Automotive Service and Repair, and have the oil changed regularly. We have ASE-certified technicians who can care for your oil change needs in Leander, TX. Call us to schedule an oil change with our friendly mechanics.

Oil Change for Busy Car Owners

The engine has many delicate and fast-moving parts that need oil to run smoothly. If the oil gets dirty, which happens over time, your car’s engine could develop problems, leading to costly repairs. Changing oil regularly – as part of routine car care – can avert engine problems down the road.

So, how often should you change the oil in Leander, TX? Automotive experts hold different options about the frequency of a standard oil change. Some mechanics feel engine oil can’t be changed enough, while others suggest motorists should change engine oil after clocking 5,000 miles. If in doubt, always refer to the carmaker’s recommendations in the owner’s manual for the right motor oil, weight, and duration of change.

Your car’s oil usually breaks down under high temperatures in the engine’s combustion chamber, causing it to lose its lubricating power. When this happens, engine parts may start rubbing together and wear each other out. Oil has additives that can neutralize harmful contaminants. These additives can get exhausted, and the engine oil becomes saturated with contaminants and ineffective. Since the engine oil can longer absorb dirt, contaminants build up and remain in the engine, causing parts to wear out or corrode over time.

Benefits of Conventional Oil Change In Leander

Conventional oil offers many benefits to your car’s engine. Check out some reasons to bring your vehicle to AEW Automotive Service and Repair for a routine oil change.

Cleans the engine: Adding up to five quarts of fresh engine oil can help remove combustion byproducts and stop sludge buildup on engine parts. The new oil will lock up and immobilize contaminants until the next oil change.

Improved gas mileage: Oil change can also impact gas mileage. Prioritizing engine oil change can ensure the combustion chamber burns petrol efficiently, contributing to fuel economy for high mileage vehicles.

Removes heat: Replacing old oil with fresh oil can also help move friction-related heat away from delicate parts. New oil effectively distributes heat within the car’s engine, preventing heat concentration on one part.

Prevents rust: Fresh engine oil contains corrosion inhibitors, which protect the hard-working engine parts from rust long after taking the car for a routine oil change.

Stops engine wear and tear: Oil lubrication prevents delicate moving parts from grinding each other. Failing to change oil could cause parts to heat up, seize up and break down, resulting in engine failure.

Reduces friction: New oil also creates a protective layer over engine parts. Oil has special additives which prevent moving parts from grinding into each other, ensuring your car’s engine runs smoothly and silently.

Prolongs engine life: Changing your motor oil can also increase your engine’s lifespan and add to your car’s value. You’ll enjoy better fuel economy and prevent sludge and other contaminants from impacting your engine’s performance.

How We Change Your Engine Oil?

When you bring your car to AEW Automotive Service and Repair it for a routine oil change, qualified mechanics will inspect its engine to ensure motor oil is being used properly. They will also investigate oil leaks and apply the appropriate fix. Afterward, the mechanics will take out the black oil and add new oil. We will also examine the oil filter during a routine oil change to ensure cleanliness. We will replace the oil filters to keep your motor oil clean from combustion byproducts and dirt if the oil filters are dirt.

When you take your car for an oil change or filter change, you want to make sure the mechanic uses industry-leading synthetic oil products. Mechanics at AEW Automotive Service and Repair performs instant oil changes using the best products on the market. These are effective motor oils that run through the engines of the many vehicles that we service at Leander, TX, week in and week out.

We know you have a busy schedule like other car owners in our service areas, yet you need to move around without oil getting in your way. Our friendly and experienced mechanics can make a quick oil change, typically less than 10 minutes, so that you can get back on the road. If you’ve crossed the 5,000 km mark, o stop by today for a Leander oil change and keep your car’s engine running smoothly for longer.

Time to Change Your Motor Oil? Visit AEW Today!

When it comes to a motor oil change in Leander, TX, there’s only one clear choice for many car owners and the local business community – AEW Automotive Service and Repair. We help motorists maintain engine performance, improve fuel efficiency, and protect delicate parts from wear and tear with a regular oil change. Our certified mechanics will perform a quick oil change so your engine can run efficiently. We offer various auto repair and maintenance services Call (512) 886-8991 to book an appointment with our mechanics in Leander, TX.