Professional Fuel System Repair in Leander, TX

When you first learn to drive a motor vehicle, you must get to know what all of the items on the driver’s dashboard indicate. The fuel tank’s amount is one of those essential items to keep an eye on, and most drivers have experienced the “Low Fuel” light coming on as their tank begins to edge ever closer to empty.

For most drivers, turning the gasoline they pump into their vehicle’s gas tank into fuel to make the car move is a bit of a mystery. As long as the components work properly, it does not matter how the process works. If you need to get more gas for your tank, you know that you need to stop at a gas station.

However, when there is a fuel system problem, it is crucial to recognize the issue and bring it into an experienced auto maintenance and repair shop as soon as possible to examine it. 

With our vast experience, we can provide high-quality service for all makes and models. We are highly trained professionals who will get you back on the road in no time!

What Is Fuel System Repair?

There are five basic parts of any fuel system: the fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, and fuel injectors. When a problem occurs with any of the components in your fuel system, you must give us a call at AEW Automotive Service and Repair to find out what the issue is and to get it fixed.

The most common problem in this situation is a clogged fuel filter, which can cause other issues. Like a dirty air filter, the fuel filter must be clean to keep dirt and grime out of the combustion chamber and engine. Once you bring your car to our auto shop, we will diagnose the issue and determine the best action to fix it.

If clients do not have problems with the fuel filters, we continue to work through the system and check to see if fuel pumps (mechanical or electric) are operational and if the fuel injection system is working right. A faulty fuel pump or malfunctioning injectors can be replaced.

Common Fuel System Problems

Drivers need to be able to tell when their vehicles may be starting to have any issues. As you drive along, you should be able to notice when something is not acting correctly or as you believe it ought to. For the fuel system, you may see the inability of the car to produce energy or power when accelerating, trouble starting, issues with the engine when idling, or lessened fuel economy.

Although there may be other issues with the fuel system, there are three common fuel system problems that our team at AEW Automotive Service and Repair often finds. These include:

Clogged Fuel Filter

When a fuel filter is filthy, it loses its ability to eliminate dirt and contaminants from the fuel before it continues to make its way to the engine. The more contaminants there are in the engine, the less able it will be to operate effectively.

Failed Fuel Pump

Failing fuel pumps can cause various issues with your vehicle, including the inability to operate it. You may hear strange noises in the fuel tank, feel a loss of power or surging power, and the engine may sputter or stall out. You will also likely find yourself having to get more fuel more often.

Fuel Injectors Malfunctioning

While using the fuel you have put into your car, the fuel pump delivers the gas to the fuel injectors. These injectors spray the gas into the intake manifold at a particular angle so that it can mix with the air. Once it does so, that mixture is compressed in the combustion chamber, which starts the chemical reaction that creates power in the engine. If the injectors are malfunctioning, this process cannot be completed.

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